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The Drago – The World’s Best Climbing Shoe?

scarpa the best rock climbing shoes in the world.

The Drago Climbing shoe

Known around the world as one of the best bouldering competition shoes the Drago was built to boulder hard. Its slipper construction makes it a beast at toe hooking and smearing. The shoe has also been popular in sport climbing when the routes get steep. But is it the best climbing shoe in the world? We gather information from reviewers and athletes to try to show you why we think it is.

scarpa drago the worlds best climbing shoe
The Drago features a super light and comfortable microfiber upper. The patented foot wrap system provides unprecedented rubber coverage over the forefoot, giving the ultimate in friction and protection. It’s sensitivity affords great grabbing, whilst the power connection band reinforces support when it’s needed. Utilising the iconic Instinct VS heel design with a single lock down strap makes this shoe the ultimate weapon for boulderers, sport & competition climbers. Designed by Heinz Mariacher and hand crafted in Italy. “The Drago is my new “best shoe I have ever developed”.  Like the Furia it’s super soft and sensitive but has a powerful heel like the Instinct VS and rubber above the whole forefoot. It looks like a specialized Bouldering-shoe, but it’s much more than that.  For me, together with the Furia, it represents the future of climbing shoes”

Climbing Style Suitability

scarpa drago why its the worlds best climbing shoe

Technical Features

rock climbing in Rocklands with the scarpa drago
drago rock climbing shoe design and build
drago xs grip rubber compound
scarpa shoe resoling
srt surround rubber climbing shoe technology for the worlds best climbing shoe
the tension system in the worlds best climbing shoe
M50 rubber compound for the scarpa drago
classic fit in the worlds best climbing shoe

Check Out Outdoor Gear Lab's Review

“The Scarpa Drago is one of the softest shoes we’ve ever climbed in. This incredible softness translates into best-in-class sensitivity. No other shoe was able to transmit as much tactile sensations from the rock’s every bump and rugosity. Our tough-footed testers loved these sensations and raved about the confidence it gave them while utilizing micro footholds. “- Outdoor Gear Lab

In Conclusion:

While we wouldn’t say that the Drago is THE BEST climbing shoe in the world, we would argue for it being the best competition climbing shoe in the world at this moment in time. Designed for 3D climbing on large holds where heel hooks, toe hooks, and smearing is the name of the game it is clear why the Drago is your best friend. To try on a pair visit one of our outlets in South Africa.

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