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Scarpa Boostic + Booster Review

A south african Review of the Booster and boostic Climbing shoes

Ivan reviews his Scarpa Booster and Boostics after having climbed in them for a couple of months. Ivan is an active climber who has climbed seven 32s. His home crag is Boven and he has been through 29 pairs of shoes since 2010. He has worn and loved shoes from Saltic, 5.10, La Sportiva, Boreal, Black Diamond, Evolve and now Scarpa.

Ivan's Review:

A few months back I ordered and received a pair of Scarpa Boostics and Boosters and have been using them exclusively for the past few months and must say they blew my mind away. Each shoe has its own strengths and weakness but both excel so well in their elements.

Both shoes are part of Scarpa’s precision line, and when climbing, you clearly notice why. The Boostics are a more supportive version of the Boosters and I have never been so confident on small foot holds before while using them where the Boosters have this laser-guided precision when the climbing becomes more overhanging. Both shoes have a patch of Alcantara liner under the big toe. Alcantara is a very new material used in spaceships (they really do) and on the seats of sports cars. It gives you a feel of next the skin for the rock, I could honestly feel every little grain I’m standing on which is rare in a supportive shoe like the Boostic.

The tension system in both the Boostic and Booster are the same, they allow for lots of flex and then spring back into shape every time. 

The heel in both shoes fits snug while the Booster has a strip of m50 rubber which is the stickiest rubber made. The Booster is definitely better at heel hooks than the Boostic but the Boostic isn’t far off, besides there are not many heel hooks on vertical climbs and when there are it will do the job and not let you down.

For fit and sizing, I have them both at a size 40 EU and their fit is perfect, I do have a normal to slightly wide foot and after 10 or fewer routes the shoes fit like gloves.

These two shoes have now become a staple in my bag. For any climb that overhangs from small feet, heel and toe hooks the Boosters are my first choice and when it gets vertical the Boostics are my rock weapons.  – Ivan Van der Tang

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