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Running Shoes - The Lowdown

What makes a great running shoe and which one should I get?

Different Types of running shoes

When we talk about trail running shoe we generally have 3 categories: 

1: Short Distance

SCARPA’s Short Distance trail shoes: light, grippy, perfect for fast runs on technical trails under 30km.


2: Medium Distance

SCARPA’s Medium shoes: light & protective for 30-80km trail runs/races, excel in wet with GTX waterproof option.


3: Long Distance + Ultra Distance

SCARPA’s Long Distance line: highly reactive & resistant shoes for long trail runs (80-120km), even on wet terrain.


What is a good sole for trail running?

A good sole can sometimes be the difference between a shoe that lasts 300km and a shoe that lasts 1000km. It can be the difference between a bruised backside and a steady controled decent down table mountain

The easiest thing to do is look out for the Vibram logo on the shoe. Vibram is universally known as the best producer of high-end soles. And you can be guaranteed a grippy shoe if you see that logo.

what drop is right for you?

A 4mm drop is widly considerd a good point for everyone who takes running seriously and want to run fast.
where as 6mm is more for a biginner/ intermediate runner who is running purly for the fun

Short Distance

Medium Distance

Long Distance

Ultra Distance

Good Fit

The fit of your running shoes is essential to ensure maximum comfort
and support during long runs. It's best to try on different styles
and brands to find the perfect fit for your foot shape and size.
The right fit will prevent blisters and hot spots, and
provide the support needed to avoid ankle injuries.
Size Chart

What is a good fit?

Our Current range of running shoes

scarpa sky trail running shoe - golden gate kima

Golden gate kima

Short Distance

Designed with the most technical sky running in mind the Golden Gate Kima trail running shoe is the most advanced running shoe from Scarpa. Featuring a V-shaped carbon plate in the forefoot for stability and efficiency. This shoe is best for very advanced runners who like their runs technical and steep.

ribelle run technical trail running shoe south africa

Ribelle Run

Medium Distance

Fast and light is the name of the game for the Ribelle Run trail shoes. Designed for shorter distances although capable enough to handle full marathons this running shoe performs best on steep, technical and muddy trails.

spin infinity ultra running shoe

Spin Infinity

Medium – Long Distance

This trail running shoe is designed for long haul runs… think 100miler. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t enjoy shorter distances. Featuring superior stability and durability the Spin Infinity is best for the new ultra runner and the hard-core 100miler runners.

mens golden gate ATR trail running shoe

Golden Gate ATR

Long Distance

If getting to the trails requires you to run a couple of km on tarmac and gravel or you’re looking for a solid, stable, comfortable all-round trail running shoe, the Scarpa Golden Gate ATR is the shoe for you.

trail running shoe from scarpa

Spin Ultra

Long Distance

The most advanced long-distance trail running shoe from Scarpa. The Spin Ultra is designed for advanced runners travelling long distances. Think of the Spin as the more advanced Spin Infinity. Where the Infinity is for the more beginner runner the Ultra is a more technical shoe for the advanced runner the shoe shines when the trails get hard.

Spin Planet

Long Distance

The next step in our sustainability journey, the SPIN PLANET introduces a new concept into the Trail Running category with the upper fabric 100% made from recycled materials while the EVA midsole is 45% recycled and the rubber outsole is 30% recycled. The ideal shoes for runners who are pursuing long distances on the trail thanks to the midsole volume designed to absorb impact and provide protective cushioning.