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Hiking Boots - The Lowdown

What makes a great hiking boot and which one should I get?

What Makes A boot

Different Types of boots

When we talk about hiking boots we generally have 3 categories: 

1: Walking 

These are lighter boots (almost shoes) designed to be worn on day walks and hikes where it would be safer to be wearing a boot.

2: Hiking 

These boots are slightly heavier then walking boots and are often a sturdier boot designed to be worn on long days in the mountains with light backpacks.

3: Trekking

These are the toughest hiking boots. Designed for long weeks in the mountains carrying heavy packs. 

What is a good sole?

A good sole can sometimes be the difference between a boot that lasts 1000km and a boot that lasts 3000km. It can be the difference between a bruised backside and a confident descent of Lion's head.

The easiest thing to do is look out for the Vibram logo on the boot. Vibram is universally known as the best producer of high-end soles. And you can be guaranteed a grippy boot if you see that logo.

Do I Need Waterproof Boots?

Many of our boots feature the GTX (Gor-Tex) membrane. But that doesn't come without a significant price tag. So: DO YOU NEED GORTEX? Short answer: In most South African hiking you do not.

Gortex is great if you can prevent water from getting in the top of your boot. But it is not great once there is water in your boot. I have walked the Mnweni cutback with totally dry feet through summer rainstorms by combining waterproof pants and waterproof boots.

Walking Boot

Hiking Boot

Trekking Boot

Winter Boot

Good Fit

The fit of your hiking boots is essential to ensure maximum comfort
and support during long hikes. It's best to try on different styles
and brands to find the perfect fit for your foot shape and size.
The right fit will prevent blisters and hot spots, and
provide the support needed to avoid ankle injuries.

What is a good fit?

Our Current range of boots

mojito hiking and walking boot

Mojito Hike


Based on the best seller Mojito this boot offers the right balance between comfort and style. Move quickly in the mountains or the city.

scarpa south africa ZG waterproof Trekking boot

ZG Trek


The ZG Trek is the big sibling of the ZG Lite, offering a more complete suede upper this Gortex boot is best for lightweight hiking and walking. But make no mistake this shoe will thrive on long hikes in the Cederberg and Drakensberg mountains.

scarpa mens lightweight hiking boot

ZG Lite


The ZG lite is made for fast hiking with lightweight backpacks. The ZG lite is a lighter, more breathable version of the ZG Trek boot.

Rush Trek


RUSH TRK GTX is the new benchmark for all day long and short mountain hikes. It is a boot made in the name of comfort with technologies able to help reduce foot fatigue during hiking. A fair mix of soft comfort, solid stability, and lightweight.

scarpa hiking boots for every occasion

Rush Trek LIte


The RUSH TRK LT GTX is the summer version of RUSH TRK family, in a lightweight ripstop fabric that is perfect for daily mountain hikes. It’s a comfortable boot with technologies that help reduce foot fatigue during activity. The right mix of comfort, stability, and lightness.

scarpa gtx walking boot south africa

Mescalito Mid


The Gortex, ankle-high version of the Mescalito. This approach boot is comfortable, precise, and durable. Perfect for long approaches into Wolfberg Cracks or steep scrambles on Table Mountain. This book is also great for lightweight multiday hikes.

hiking boots for south africa



Designed for daily excursions with lightweight backpacks, walking on trails and in forests. For those who prefer an immediately comfortable fit without compromising the quality of the product.



This stable millage crusher is perfect for table mountain walks, long Drakensberg hikes and everything in between. The R Evo boot is waterproof and the high lacing provides the stability required for extended days off the trail.

scarpa south africa terra gortex hiking boot

Terra GTX


Built for hikers who don’t want to compromise comfort for durability. The Terra is built for hiking and trekking with lighter backpacks. 

scarpa marmolada pro trekking boot

Marmolada Pro


This waterproof boot is designed for alpine hiking, scrambling and long treks. Perfect for the grand traverse or the Cederberg traverse.

ribelle HD mountaineering boot from Scarpa

Ribelle HD


From long hikes into the mountains to ice climbing this boot is the best introduction to alpine hiking and climbing available on the market. This boot is fully waterproof and takes a semi-automatic crampon.